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KreedaStar is constantly improving through feedback from its users. This page will be updated frequently. Please use the Feedback link in the footer to tell us how we can improve and make your experience with KreedaStar enjoyable.

Below are some frequently asked questions by the users.


What is KreedaStar?

KreedaStar is a platform for amateur and budding cricketers to showcase their performances, share them with others and in the process, have a lot of fun! The player is the center of the universe for KreedaStar with teams, leagues, coaching institutes, sponsors and selectors coming together to form an ecosystem. KreedStar is constantly improving through feedback from its user and through addition of new planned features.


What is a performance on KreedaStar?

A performance is a Cricket players performance in a match. It includes the runs scored by a batsman, wickets taken by a bowler and catches taken by a fielder. You can create a performance directly from your Profile page or from the Kreeda Updates page. Performance also includes a highlight field where you can share any key moment from the match.

Once posted, a performance becomes a part of your profile and helps showcase you. Other players in your buddy list can comment on your performance, encourage you by Hi-Fiving you. Additionally, other players who played in the match, can click “I-Was-There” which gives credibility to your performance.


How does the verified badge get assigned to a performance?

When the captain of the team of which you are a member clicks “I-Was-There” on your performance, it is automatically marked as verified and a verified badge is displayed next to it. Additionally, when 3 or more players click “I-Was-There”, your performance is considered verified.


What is a Match Event?

A match event is created for an upcoming match that a team is playing in. The captain or admin of a team can create a match event for an upcoming game indicating the time, opponent and place for the match. The individual players of the team can then indicate if they are available for the game or not. The players can also discuss strategy or anything relevant to that match using the Post a message feature and the associated comments section.


How do I manage my privacy and preference settings?

By clicking the down arrow next to your name, you will see the options of Privacy Settings, Preferences and Logout.

When you click on Privacy Settings, you will see multiple options to control who can see what parts of your profile.

When you click on Preferences, you will see multiple options to manage how many updates you see in Kreeda Updates, You will see a link to control when you would like to receive an e-mail. You will also see a direct link to your profile that you can share with people.


How do players get added to Team?

A team is place for members of a team including captain, managers and any other administrators to collaborate in a private setting. Team Captain or administrator can create a team and invite players to join the team by using the Invite buddies button. Alternatively, a team member can request to join a team by using Join Team button. The options link on the team page provides several options to manage different parts of the team.